Got plans for your next Sunday Funday? – Toast has it covered!

Toast of Charleston Crazy Hat Day  If you’ve been to Toast, you know our staff likes to have fun – we take our work seriously, don’t get us wrong – but we know that you can provide great food and customer service and still have a good time while doing it.

Did you know every Sunday at Toast is crazy hat day? If you haven’t been in and experienced it, Hat Day is a blast. We encourage our staff and all of our guests to wear the craziest, funniest hats possible. We give out free appetizers or desserts to our patrons with the best hats. Some of our regulars come back just to see what kinds of hats pop up.

If you’re in the neighborhood on any given Sunday, come in – even if you don’t want to wear a hat  – and join the fun and laughs. If you’ve got a stash of great hats, come in and see if you can win one of our tasty appetizers or our killer peach cobbler! We’d love to see what hat you’re wearing. See you on Sunday!


2 comments on “Got plans for your next Sunday Funday? – Toast has it covered!

  1. I would like to purchase two Toast gift certificates for Christmas. If they are for sale please tell me how I can obtain them. I live in Norghern Illinbois.

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